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The Transformation Paradox... achieving transformation is harder now than ever before, even though logic says it should be hugely easier, with the most flexible workforce business has ever enjoyed, excellent, accessible and continuously evolving technical tools and senior management that predominantly accepts (with varying levels of enthusiasm) that change and collaborative working at all levels is a given for companies that want to survive and thrive.

Here are some white papers I have published that I hope you will find useful as you take on your own Transformation challenges - please get in touch if you have any questions or would like me to expand on any point.

Agile Change Programmes

External Links

Content for this section is being built so there are more links to come. It will feature links to articles that I have found particularly useful as I work in this area, and which I hope you will find as useful. To get things started, this links to a book I co-authored on Risk Management.

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Coaching and mentoring on Agile Transformation and change is available. Packages are personalised to fit your needs and your budget, so we start with an exploratory conversation to establish these and work out a programme together to give you what you are looking for.

While coaching is usually delivered over three to six months, we don't set a minimum engagement time as we know that sometimes what you really need is a shorter time frame to help you work through a specific issue against a deadline. Sometimes what you really need is a venting session ... an opportunity for you to get it all out of your system while I listen constructively while you get it all out of your system. This can not only be cathartic but also lead to inspiration and a clear view of what needs to happen next.

For more information or an introductory chat, email me at dade.brown@enthous.co.uk.